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Courtney Vogel

Lead Assistant Golf Professional

Courtney comes to us from the East Coast where she grew up in the Carolinas, primarily Greenville, South Carolina. After her family spent a bit of time in Reno, Nevada, they moved back to the Carolinas where she discovered a passion for golf. In 2014, Courtney’s family moved to Northern California, where she graduated high school in 2016; shortly after, they made their way to Arizona. During that time, Courtney attended college and earned her Bachelors of Sociology from Grand Canyon University in 2020 and Sports Management Master's Degree from Troy University in Troy, Alabama, Courtney averaged 74.4 in college golf and was a part of the 2018 WAC Women's Golf winning team at GCU.


In COVID, Courtney jumped to Wichita, Kansas to get back to North Carolina, but landed in Kansas where she began her tenure as a PGA apprentice and in her first Assistant professional role. In 2021, Courtney continued to follow her path as an Assistant Golf Professional at Rio Verde Country Club. From there, she became the First Assistant Golf Professional at Capital Canyon Club in Prescott, Arizona up until this month when she’ll be joining our team here at DC Ranch.


Outside of work, you guessed it, Courtney’s favorite hobby is golf. Along with this passion of hers, she enjoys watching sports, attending baseball games, hiking, and playing with her three-year-old Dingo/Australian Shepherd, Ellie.


In our golf department, Courtney and Justin Jaster will step up as Co-Lead Golf Professionals starting this season! As a role model in her life, Courtney’s dad has been a PGA member for 28 years and counting. Following in his footsteps, she has been playing golf for about 14 years, and is currently on her Level 3 PGA with hopes to be finished by May of 2024 to obtain her Class A PGA membership. Without letting it get in the way of her dreams, Courtney is also hearing impaired, requiring the use of hearing aids. While pursuing a professional golf career, Courtney still loves to play in tournaments when scheduling allows.


Getting started at CCDC Ranch, Courtney said: “I am so excited to be a part of the team at DC Ranch. I look forward to meeting each one of you! I look forward to growing with you and sharing my love for the game.”

Contact Courtney 
  Phone 480.342.7210