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Timothy Loving

Job Title
We are excited to welcome Executive Chef Tim Loving to the team. Chef Tim was most recently at the Vaquero Club in Dallas, Texas as their Executive Chef the past four years.  For those who are not familiar,  Vaquero is a Discovery Land property and very similar to The Country Club at DC Ranch in terms of member demographics and the food and beverage experience and expectations. Throughout the interview process Chef Loving exceed our expectations at each step of the way. His initial interview with the team went very well, references were very strong in their support for him and his tasting demonstrated that he can provide the culinary experience we are looking for at all levels. Chef Tim has been looking to relocate back to Scottsdale given the fact that his family lives here in the valley. The feedback given by the leadership at Vaquero as to his ability and fit for our Club really helped us further in making this selection.  While on property for his tasting he displayed the approach to our current team that we are looking for by asking interactive questions, providing collaborative suggestions, and showing a genuine passion for mentoring those around him. 

Contact Chef Loving
  Phone: 480.342.7234